Verante Monetary Planning

Verante Monetary Planning

This Lens is all about Soul Program Readings, also recognized as Soul Contract Readings. You might have heard it stated that we all have (yes, pick!) a soul program or or soul contract just before we incarnate. And like me, you may doubt if this is correct, or it might even go against your belief system. I as well was quite skeptical – that was till I learnt the system as part of my Spiritual Counselling training.

So, what will occur? If BD firms don’t move to fee offsets, or (preferably) AUM platforms with low-expense investment items (with no solution provider compensation to the BD firm), then in all likelihod person brokers will be conflicted – and worried about their reputation. And these person brokers will speak with their feet – by departing the firm.

Land appreciation is overhyped. Although some land parcels have appreciated extremely well, it is not accurate across the board. Also, land is prone to encroachment, as numerous individuals do not keep tabs of their land closely. Residential & industrial property are better in that respect. But again the appreciation is not great across the board and a single could get caught on the wrong foot. For instance, in the previous five years, properties in Hyderabad have given a adverse return, which would come as a surprise to a lot of. Nor is this an isolated case. Several places across India have offered anemic returns, producing house investments not such a excellent choice.

Born and raised in the Chicago region, Kevin became a Hoosier even though operating on a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance at Indiana University Soon after graduating from IU, Kevin pursued a varied profession in software improvement, technology management, and corporate finance prior to founding Foothills Financial Arranging. Along the way, an MBA from the W.P. Carey School of Company at Arizona State University helped round out Kevin’s viewpoint and expertise in investment management.

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