Three Ways Your Spoons Can Set You Apart from Other Ice Cream Stores

Three Ways Your Spoons Can Set You Apart from Other Ice Cream Stores

When you’re running a frozen yogurt or ice cream shop in a competitive market like Los Angeles, it’s important to take the time to set yourself apart from the rest. While it’s tempting to put a great deal of money into billboards, web advertising, t-shirts, and more expensive advertising, don’t neglect a simple, easy form of advertising – the spoon that your customers will be using to consume your product. Choose a specially designed spoon that will stand out in their minds, suggests Gelato Products, so that they’ll want to come back to your shop the next time they’re considering going out for frozen yogurt or ice cream.

One easy way to do this is by purchasing unique tasting spoons. Consider glittery spoons, spoons shaped like characters associated with your shop, or spoons that are the colors associated with your shop so that individuals can clearly see your branding as they try a sample.

Another way to do this is to hand out distinctive plastic yogurt spoons, so that your customers remember your shop. Consider spoons that change color with temperature, so that they’re one color in the yogurt or ice cream, and another in customer’s mouths — these are a great hit with kids.

When you’re ready to purchase Los Angeles wholesale frozen yogurt supplies, keep special spoons in mind for your marketing efforts. This small piece of plastic makes a giant effort on your customers – especially the children – who will bring their parents and caregivers back to your shop again and again for the special treats that you offer.

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