Prof. Vinod Kumar

Prof. Vinod Kumar

Rather, corporations recognize revenue when the earnings process is judged to be complete and there is reasonable certainty as to collection – regardless of when cash is received, under the revenue recognition principle. When sales are made on credit, revenue is recognized before the receipt of money by means of the creation of an accrued receivables account named accounts receivable.

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And the idea of obtaining ten,304 envelopes stuffed with money and putting groceries back due to the fact you cannot acquire it with the money leftover in the envelope you brought is overwhelming, to say the least. But you know if you commence making use of your credit card or debit card you’re just going to devote a buttload of money and not spend attention to the amounts until you go broke.

I have been an accountant for 17 years. At times I love my job. At others I despise it. There are some men and women whose passion is accounting. Other individuals strategy haphazardly. Even though I have worked as high as assistant controller, I do not want to be an accountant all of my days. My passions lie in teaching which I have been capable to bring into the accounting globe. In my final two jobs I have produced education courses to aid educate the rest of the business on how the finance globe performs and the importance of it in their personal work lives. I’ve been able to merge my profession and education with my passion.

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