I Finally Realized That Living Alone Was Best for Me

I Finally Realized That Living Alone Was Best for Me

I was fed up with the people that I lived with. I was the only one who took things seriously, and it was really getting to be a big drag. Every time that I brought it up to them that a new bill was due or that we would late with rent, they would just give me lip service. When I had enough of it, I found myself dreaming about visiting studio apartments in Asheville NC that I could get for myself. A one bedroom would have been good, but I do not make a lot of money, and I needed to be realistic.

One thing I like about studio apartments is that they are so cozy. I have visited some place in the past where the studio was somewhat small, but most are actually rather large and spacious. The only thing that is really missing is a wall that separates the bedroom from the living room. But that is not really necessary when you live alone, unless you’re someone who is a stickler for aesthetics. Personally, I am not. And if it really bothered me, I could easily go buy one of those really cute partition walls at a specialty store. They can be purchased from carved wood, wicker and other really nice materials, and they are often about 6 feet tall and about five feet wide.

One night, after the landlord left a note on our door stating that we rent was past due, and if we did not pay within 24 hours, he was going to start the eviction process. I had already paid him my portion of the rent on time. My roommates had not. I brought it up to them. One of them had half their rent, and the other one didn’t have their portion at all. The very next day I went out and found a place of my own.

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