How to Transition Your Clients from Paper Invoices to Paperless

How to Transition Your Clients from Paper Invoices to Paperless

When you operate a small business – or even work by yourself as a freelancer; every penny of revenue counts. The easiest way to stretch your revenue is to cut back on costs. Printing and mailing paper invoices may just cost a few cents, but that quickly adds up, especially if you often have to follow up on payments with second invoices. Fortunately, it’s easier to switch your invoices over to a paperless system than you might think.

Rely on an Online Invoicing Tool

Sign up for and start organizing your invoices with this convenient online invoicing tool. Keep track of contact information as well as when to send invoices and when payments are due. You’ll also be able to easily make note of clients most likely to pay on time, which can help in your decisions to choose one client’s job over another when your schedule is packed/

Make the Invoices Look the Same

With the right online invoicing tool, you can design the invoices to include your company or brand logo so when a client sees the invoice, she automatically thinks of your company or services and easily associates the new digital invoice with your company. This encourages clients to handle the transition without delaying any of your payments in the interim. If some clients are still delaying making payments, print out the invoices with matching envelopes – which you can do with the online tool – and continue to send out mailed invoices for a few months along with the online ones, adding a note that all paper invoices will cease by a certain date.

Emphasize the Payment Options

With online invoicing, you may be able to start accepting credit card payments for the first time – or it’ll prove easier for you if you already accepted them in the past. Emphasize the ease of payment to your clients to get them used to the new system, especially those who’ve asked about payment plans before. By accepting credit cards, they can pay off the debt at their leisure by first charging the entire amount to the card and then making payments in installments to their credit card provider.

It doesn’t take long to use an online invoicing tool to transfer your invoice system over to paperless – and the tool makes it easier to organize and keep track of your invoices, too. Plus, since you can still print out invoices and matching envelopes using the system during a transition period, it’s simple to encourage resistant clients to eventually make the change.

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