Clipboard Clips Are a Major Component

Clipboard Clips Are a Major Component

Clipboards are used in so many offices and occupations that they are taken for granted. We don’t stop to think about their construction and how it is so important that the clips have strong and sturdy springs in order to hold a stack of papers.

Modern automated production facilities are fully equipped in order to design and create for particular requirements and specifications and are manufactured under rigid quality control supervision. A friendly and helpful sales staff is ready and able to answer any questions and guide you in your selections.

Clipboard clips are normally one of the most popular products and usually range in size from 2 3/4” long to 6” long. Some clips are low profile and are either with or without corners. A high capacity clip holds one inch of paper securely. A strong three-inch clip easily lifts back in order to load papers and hold them sturdily in place.

Some people use clipboards on a daily basis. That includes all types of business and delivery people, contractors, coaches, nurses, real estate people, those who have offices, those on the go such as traveling salesmen or tour guides, those who keep score for various sports, artists, writers, and even children to keep track of their activities and homework. They want high-quality clipboards that are convenient, accessible, strong, and durable so that they will be long-lasting no matter how much use they get in their organizing function.

Mini clipboards in a size approximately seven inches by four inches can be purchased handmade with no two exactly alike. They make perfect teacher gifts and holders for grocery and “to do” lists. They are hand-painted and make use of embellishments including ribbon, fabric, washi tape, stickers, and more.

Curlson Sericur Industries Inc.(CSI) manufactures a vast selection of clips, including mini clipboard clips, and other metal products that allow products to have the highest quality components. Materials used in their various products include brass, copper, antique copper, nickel, black ox, polished metal, and more. CSI caters to manufacturers all over the United States and in other countries.

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