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Increasing Brand Awareness with Promotional Products & Gifts

Increasing Brand Awareness with Promotional Products & Gifts

Brand awareness has been shown to increase sales and bring in more customers. Learn how to get your brand name out there with these tricks.

Cost-effective Brand Marketing

There are many ways to improve your brand image and increase brand awareness but one of the oldest and most cost-effective methods is with promotional products. That’s why so many companies allocate at least a small portion of their marketing budget toward promotional products. They’re inexpensive and have long-lasting marketing benefits. Unlike business cards, people don’t throw away promotional items, they use them – and that gives your company on-going advertising for your brand.

In fact, ninety-one percent of consumers have at least one promotional product in their kitchen, 74 percent have at least one in their workspace, 55 percent have at least one in their bedroom – and, adding a promotional product to the media mix increases the effectiveness of other media by up to 44 percent. That’s pretty impressive.

Increasing brand awareness with promotional marketing isn’t as easy as just giving out thousands of gifts, though, you still need to be strategic. There are a hundreds of different inventive ideas for promotional products but not all of them measure up. Here are a few items that tend to offer the most benefit when it comes to brand awareness:

Windshield Sunshades

Not a common promotional item, sunshades aren’t handed out very often but many companies miss out on this great opportunity. They’re inexpensive and can be seen by a lot of eyes – that’s a lot of free brand marketing. It’s like a billboard for your company in potentially hundreds of different vehicles and usually seen by hundreds of people when parked in a shopping center or busy parking lot.

Custom Branded Stickers

Depending on the industry vertical that your business is in, custom stickers can be a cost-effective branding strategy. They’re commonly used with more artistic industries – music bands, tattoo shops, skateboarding shops, etc. – but can be a useful product to add to your promotional gift basket. They’re like cool business cards that can be stuck anywhere and because they’re so inexpensive, you can throw several in every gift basket to help spread your brand name.

Branded Water Bottles

One of the most popular promotional items that companies give out is branded water bottles. This is an item that anyone can use and may possibly use on a regular basis. When giving out promotional items, you definitely want to ensure the gifts won’t just be thrown away or put in a drawer to never see the light of day. You want gifts that are useful and will be used on a regular basis to increase exposure of your brand. Water bottles accomplish this better than most items and can oftentimes provide brand marketing for years on end.

One thing you want to make sure of though, when using promotional water bottles, is to avoid skimping on the price. Because this item is so commonly seen in promotional gifts, you want to make sure that your bottle is the one that gets used. You may want to invest a little extra on this item to get a higher quality bottle that the consumer will prefer over all the rest.…

Boost Marketing with Creative Branding

Boost Marketing with Creative Branding

If you are not marketing your business with creative branding, you are missing an opportunity to advertise your product and increase your sales. Incorporating your business’ colors and logo into your products can create promotional opportunities. You want your brand to be recognized, and getting creative can help this happen. Here is some advice from Gelato Products on what successful ice cream retailers are doing.

Logos and Branding

When customers see ice cream containers in your company colors, you want them to instinctively know that it is your product in those containers. When they recognize your product at a glance, they are more likely to want it in particular. Rather than simply thinking ice cream sounds good, they will have a craving for your fudge caramel ripple.

If you are used to buying your ice cream cups wholesale, you may not realize that you have more options beyond a generic container that is mass produced. Customize those cups with creative branding to make them unique to your store.

Whether it is ice cream cups, frozen yogurt products or popsicles, your customers will then know they are getting your unique flavor even before they take their first bite. Creating visual recognition of your products is key. When your ice cream cup features your company colors and logos it does just that. Not only does the customer know what they are getting, anyone who sees them with your product knows exactly what they have in hand.

Your marketing message has succeeded when customers want your particular product rather than simply wanting any cold treat. A generic cup says “ice cream” but a customized one will bring business to your particular shop.…

How an Online Degree Can Help Your Business

How an Online Degree Can Help Your Business

Most business owners start their company because they are passionate about their work. But as the business grows, they find themselves pulled away from their passion and forced to deal with the nuts and bolts of managing a business. Some of these tasks are interesting and some are easy to learn but one can be very complex as well as crucial for your company’s success. You financial skills and financial literacy could easily determine how successful your business will be. Learn more information here about how an MBA could make both you and your business more successful.
There are many things that you can learn as you go or even skills that can be self-taught. But both of those processes can be slow and entail a lot of trial and error. If you are not willing to risk your money and your business on giving it a try or the seeing how “this” works approach, then you will want to investigate formal education that can provide you with the skills and knowledge that you need to successfully guide your business.

If you still believe that your time is better spent in the trenches and following your passion, then invest enough time to find a knowledgeable person to manage your company finances on your behalf. That person can run the day to day function of the financial side of the business while you focus on your product or service. But your degree will put you in a position to review the financials and understand that your business is following your vision and growing into the company that you always knew it could be. Having that broad business knowledge will allow you to delegate tasks to others while still understanding the high level information as you guide the company to a successful future.…

Clipboard Clips Are a Major Component

Clipboard Clips Are a Major Component

Clipboards are used in so many offices and occupations that they are taken for granted. We don’t stop to think about their construction and how it is so important that the clips have strong and sturdy springs in order to hold a stack of papers.

Modern automated production facilities are fully equipped in order to design and create for particular requirements and specifications and are manufactured under rigid quality control supervision. A friendly and helpful sales staff is ready and able to answer any questions and guide you in your selections.

Clipboard clips are normally one of the most popular products and usually range in size from 2 3/4” long to 6” long. Some clips are low profile and are either with or without corners. A high capacity clip holds one inch of paper securely. A strong three-inch clip easily lifts back in order to load papers and hold them sturdily in place.

Some people use clipboards on a daily basis. That includes all types of business and delivery people, contractors, coaches, nurses, real estate people, those who have offices, those on the go such as traveling salesmen or tour guides, those who keep score for various sports, artists, writers, and even children to keep track of their activities and homework. They want high-quality clipboards that are convenient, accessible, strong, and durable so that they will be long-lasting no matter how much use they get in their organizing function.

Mini clipboards in a size approximately seven inches by four inches can be purchased handmade with no two exactly alike. They make perfect teacher gifts and holders for grocery and “to do” lists. They are hand-painted and make use of embellishments including ribbon, fabric, washi tape, stickers, and more.

Curlson Sericur Industries Inc.(CSI) manufactures a vast selection of clips, including mini clipboard clips, and other metal products that allow products to have the highest quality components. Materials used in their various products include brass, copper, antique copper, nickel, black ox, polished metal, and more. CSI caters to manufacturers all over the United States and in other countries.…

Tips on Integrating a New eCommerce Shopping Cart into Your Website

Tips on Integrating a New eCommerce Shopping Cart into Your Website

Running an online store can be more difficult than you think. Between getting the customers to the website, the checkout procedures and fulfillment — the process can be tedious. One of the more challenging tasks for some people is to try to integrate a new e-commerce shopping cart into an already existing website. Adding a merchant shopping cart to a website can be fairly simple depending on what you are trying to do with it.

The type of online shopping cart software that is being used will determine the functionality of it. Each shopping cart might have different features. Some examples of shopping cart preferences include shipping options, a speedy check out process and even different payment options. Overall, you might want to make sure that database management functions are available in it. It would also be wise to consider different open source PHP solutions.

Whether someone is a novice or an expert in website creation, there are many different shopping cart solutions. One option is a convenient code from a shopping cart plugin. These plugins feed all of the products to your website. Another solution is to create a customized shopping cart, including a shopping cart extension for a CMS. With this option, you will be able to have more advanced control over it. Either way, all of these options give website owners different solutions for online shopping carts.…